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We work with your success
in mind

We work with your success
in mind


We develop custom-made yet affordable technology solutions that meet the needs of your business.


E-commerce websites, admin portals, & system integtations that increase productivity.


Well-designed, cross-platform mobile applications that engages your customers.


Best practices in the design, setup, & maintenance of IT infrastructures.


Get valuable insights from planning your app to marketing & post-sales.

Our Credo

In Ceedteck, your business is our priority. As your life-long tech partners, we will achieve your goals by:

Tailored Strategy

No two apps are the same. We provide custom services that gives you the flexibility you need to take your brand to its peak.

Agile Development

Our team employs agile principles in developing your apps and systems. We consistently provide updates to give you certainty.

Integrative Approach

With expertise in different technologies & disciplines, we approach our work wearing different hats to come up with the best solution available.

Never Ending Innovation

The heart of the company is innovation. We are always updated with the latest technology while ensuring seamless implementation.





inventory system

Inventory System

You can’t improve a business that you don’t measure. Track your sales, and other business activities efficiently with our inventory system. Let us handle the painful and complex processes while you focus on growing your sales.

Customized Solution to your needs

Tailored to how you do your business. The whole ecosystem will provide you with the process perfectly fit to how you do things. Every part of the system has a purpose and there will be no wasted integration and feature.

Complex Process: Simplified

Instead of having different processes and apps that will need to be customized individually, we will create a system that will enable your business to automate most of the processes without the need to learn complex instructions.

Human-Centered Approach

Our team is experienced in creating apps that put high regards to user experience. Our approach has always been creating systems that will empower its users, not confuse them with complicated processes.

Work With Us

We create affordable tech solutions in the most transparent way possible.

Case Studies

We add value to our partner's businesses.
Here are some of our recent projects.
  • helpmeet


    The system involves one admin web system and two mobile apps.

    • Tracks requests & dispatches provider
    • Built-in messaging system
    • Integrated payment system
    • Generates reports
  • fitness app

    Mobile Apps

    This project involves 2 mobile apps for a Health & Fitness business.
    They are
    for fitness professionals & their respective clients to easily collaborate.

    • Tracks orders and delivery
    • Generates labels and reports
    • Integrated to accounting service provider
  • fitness app

    Admin System

    The app is customized for a local food subscription and delivery business.
    involves admin management features that are necessary daily business operations.

    • Tracks orders and delivery
    • Generates labels and reports
    • Integrated to client's preferred accounting service provider

Let's Do It

We've helped our partners realize their goals. It's time we work on yours.

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